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I'm adapting my latest indy feature film into a Fumetti Comic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fumetti) using a variety of techniques I have developed using Studio Artist from Synthetik. From Wikipedia: Fumetti is an Italian word (literally "little puffs of smoke" in reference to speech balloons) which refers to all comics. In English, the term refers specifically to photonovels or photographic comics, a genre of comics illustrated with photographs rather than drawings. Italians call these fotoromanzi (photonovels). Photonovels are popular in Spain, South Africa, and Latin America, where they are called fotonovelas, and have also gained popularity in France. Photo comics were also common in British magazines such as Jackie in the 1980s, and a few are still published. Today, the format has been revived in the English-speaking world through the medium of webcomics, and since 2007 there is even an annual award for photographic comics.


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Strictly from a visual standpoint, that's an incredibly striking page. I'd be careful about clarity in your storytelling though. For example, the passenger is holding a gun on the driver, right? I didn't notice that on the first read through due to the way some of the shades and color blocks break up the contours of the figures. Then again, it could have been very clearly established in the previous pages, in which case, carry on. :) It's exciting to see what you're doing though! Looking forward to more!

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Thx. for the kind words, Gene. It's actually a small Xacto blade pressed against his neck. Dialogue will clear that up - "I used my knife to get the answers I wanted." I appreciate your comments and will make sure it is clear for the audience.

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Jul 4th, 2012