Blue Blaster

Blue Blaster

Aaron Rung is going nowhere fast. He's stuck in community college with idiots, trapped in his dead-end job at Food Plus, he's losing his friends as they go on to better things, has trouble with money, girls, and the list goes on. That all changes when a freak accident gives him incredible energy powers. But Aaron has better things to use his powers for rather than helping people... and that's helping himself, as the villainous Blue Blaster!

Updates Mondays and Thursdays



Ed-boy-wonder1718's picture

YO ! i'm one of your readers now :)

CrimeRoyale's picture

Ha ha! So you are! Enjoy!

Ninjaslug's picture

It's been a couple weeks when is the next update?

CrimeRoyale's picture

Blue Blaster updates every Monday and Thursday. Sorry for the lateness of adding the stories under the Blue Blaster title here- I forgot to do that...

That Swedish Guy's picture

What Ninja said.

CrimeRoyale's picture

I set the new pages to update around 12:00 noon eastern USA time, but they don't usually appear until between 1:00 and 2:00 instead.

Avhienda's picture

NOOOOOOOOO!! I've finally caught up, and it's TERRIBLE!! Hurry up and write more stories, Crime-Guy!!! PLEEEEEEEASE????

DonQuixote's picture

Gotta say, loving this comic. Quick query though, are you still doing it? The last page was posted in July of last year...

Guest's picture

Guys, if you want the series to finally launch off, donate to his kickstarter! Blue Blaster is an amazing show of art, dedication, and story. So please, help my friend out so this series can thrive!

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Jun 13th, 2012