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High Gene

I have been thinking about doing a webpage. Not real sure about what I need to do. Found a site on google where I can do one for free. Are these sties reputable? Any advice or suggestions will be grealty appreciated.

Thanks so much for your help.

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I don't know what site you were looking at specifically, but there are several places out there where you can sign up for a free website that are reputable. What were you planning to use the site for? What kind of content will you be posting? Will you be writing blog posts or posting art? Is it a site about you or something else? Let me know and I'll help you narrow down your options. :)

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The Website is called (R) Website Maker. I'm wanting to make it a website of my Comic Ideas and to show off my drawings. The content will be my drawings & thier info, videos (I think I can use Powerpoint to do that but if I'm wrong tell me.), gallery, joining, Ideas: (Ideas a place to make your own characters, thoughts a virtual utopia to let your imagination run wild to make your dream character, etc.(I'll post something saying: Can I use it (Yes) or (No). Let my vewiers blog about my drawings and things and also try to sell my YuGiOh cards.

Thanks. Have an lol. :)

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Ah, I see. I did a little research and I would stay way from since they have lots of bad reviews online. I would strongly recommend you check out however. It is a free hosting service that uses the WordPress blogging platform. There is a great community of developers, plugins and help for free out there and it is the web platform that the vast majority of webcomic creators use when making their own site. By far your best bet.

I don't know about video and Powerpoint. I do know that Powerpoint is a pretty awful way to make slideshows though, lol. I'd be surprised if it was somehow useful for videos.

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Thanks Gene for the info on I had no idea and thanks for a better site to use. See I don't have acess to info like that scine I live in the small town of Beardstown, IL and don't have alot of people to turn to. I'm just a 22 year old with thousands of ideas and no way to get them out. What I ment by videos was realy a slide show of my characters different looks not like on youtube or that.

Thanks for everything so fare. :)))

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Could you help me Gene with my Sandman comic? I need some advice on poses/story/panel flow/panel angles. I was going to upload the draft pages picture here but I just cant get the file size small enough for it to look good and readable. Thank god dA has a download button lol
Well here it is:

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Hey Jake! Sorry for not seeing this message sooner. I'll definitely check it out. In the meantime I also went and ahead and downloaded your page (well, your big 6-page image, lol) and broke it down into two files. I sent them to your Yahoo email. Hopefully that helps if you still want to post the pages here on the site.

Are they any specific requirements or criteria from your class that I should be aware of in terms of critiquing this fairly?

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No there isn't. :)
Besides color, but I will water color them as soon as I get this planning done.

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Thank you for following me :)
I'm actually giving your tutorial on script writing right this very minute, and I'm very excited to start uploading my newest project here :D

I noticed in the tutorials section that only *your* tutorials appear. Is that just because this is new, or because there's some rule about submitting? I only wonder because I'm working on a series of tutorials focusing on traditional 'techniques' applied to digital media... something like that, anyway.

Also: is your last name really Kelly? Because that's awesome.

Thank you for building such an awesome site!!

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Sorry for the delayed response. Honestly, I'm just the only who's posted any tutorials yet. That section is open to everyone just like every other kind of content on the site. I'd love it if you (and others) started sharing your own process and tips and tricks. That's a big part of what the site is for.

Yes, it really is Kelly. Thanks. :) I was named after my dad who was named after my grandpa, so no relation to the famous actor/dancer. It makes a nice ice breaker though, lol.

Thank you for joining!! Can't wait to see how your new project unfolds.

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Thanks for the faves, Gene! :D

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I am a big fan of your art style and coloring plus you characters has s great design n concept

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Hey thanks, man! I really appreciate that. You've got some good stuff yourself on your DA page. Looking forward to seeing some Mercury comics on the site sometime. :)

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Thanks very much for the fav and all the very kind comments! :D

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Thanks for all the faves Gene! :D x

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Thanks for the favs bud.

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Thanks for watching and for putting together this wonderful site.

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Heck yeah. Thanks for joining!

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Hey Gene, I have a quick question. When I look at the Comics Tab for my work, I see Safeguard which has all the pages inside it and then my thirty pages of ADAM work. Do I need to transfer the ADAM pages into a comic book tab to get that Safeguard option?


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All the Safeguard pages are in your comics tab actually. They're just further back because when I transferred the comics over from the Cranky site it kept the old dates and the comics tabs are sorted from oldest to newest. If that's an issue we can mess with it though.

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Not at all, thanks.

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Wouldnt it be a good idea if there was an option to like put the characters in the comic dont know how to explain it. Like if the comic has the character that is in the character profile you could ut "The characters in this story are:". Do you understand? Like have the cast at the top..

..just brain fartin.

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Thankyou for the favs and the comments, I really appreciate it! :)

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You're welcome. Thanks for being so involved with the site!

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Just an idea Gene but maybe when you press an arrow key it turns the page instead of continuously clicking next. Not a big change but helpful for lazy people lol. :)

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That's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for faving my comic page! I just wanted to say this site is really well done. I gave it a little shoutout on my deviantART page to hopefully attract more folks to it.

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That's awesome. Thanks, man! And more importantly thanks for being part of the site. This place is only as good as the people who use it.

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Defo more of the Good Guys in the works. I first brought it out about two years ago and tried to pitch it to some companies and use it more like a portfolio. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it to tell you the truth, but creating and completing the first issue was just a phenomenal feeling. Life and other projects have gotten in the way since but im currently on schedule to bring out issue two in a few months and make it a regular ongoing series. Even if it is just for me and my own sanity.

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How's it going? What have you been up to these days? Anything comic-y and/or awesome? :)

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Good to hear! I understand how easily life can get in the way of projects. That's great you're getting back into it though. Doing it for yourself is usually the best way for a project to really find it's own voice - and for it to be as good as it can be. Looking forward to more when it's ready!

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My friend thanks for the comments on my 'Good Guys' comic, you may have just made my day, scratch that, my year. It really can feel we are all alone in the wilderness when we scribble down our funnies in a darkened room. Any feedback is most welcome. Its even better when people ‘get’ it. Thanks a million man.

I read your stuff. It’s inspiring.

I love the ‘intern’ on Tales of Mad Science. The humour is top notch.

Rocket and Bounce is just about my fav new title. Please give us more. It was really fresh in art and writing. i would defo buy it every month. Thought the humour was great and honestly it was exciting which i think is missing from a lot of comics today. Instantly likeable characters which made the empathy towards them and their relationship easy. It’s all kidsa awesome. I do have a slight compliant though. You owe me a new bathroom rug as i got so engrossed in the story i forgot i had left my bath running. Glad no one saw me pull my ‘panic face’ when i realised what the rushing water sound was.

This whole Rocketbot idea is great. Thanks for setting up somewhere people can lean, read and interact with likeminded loons.

Cheers again,

You new fan and pal


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Thanks, Neil! Sorry about the rug, lol. I know exactly what you mean about how making comics can feel like an isolated process. Thanks for the kind words on R&B too. You nailed exactly what my goals are for that strip. Too many modern superhero comics lack genuine excitement and characters you can empathize with. They just aren't that fun (with some exceptions of course). And yeah, we're really hoping that Rocketbot can grow into the kind of place where creators connect and we can all keep each other motivated to keep making good stuff.

Do you have more Good Guys produced or in the works?

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