Learn Bot Programming at Rocketbot

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Free courses for young people or those who have lost their source of employment

Rocketbot in alliance with Fundación Forpe Chile, are preparing free training courses for people who lack training or for those who have lost their source of employment. Rocketbot has stood out in the field of technology RPA and bot programming, it is For this reason, it seeks to generate skills for those who are interested in learning programming for the automation of processes and thus find new career paths for its participants.

The robotic process automation technology is opening a field in the world, where Rocketbot has advanced and achieved a place, being able to position itself in both the national and foreign markets. The foregoing has generated that many companies and businesses want to participate in this technological update and thus modernize the way in which they were working until now.

What can you learn in these courses?

In the courses you will be able to learn analysis and development of applications or software for the automation of processes and construction of bots, in e-learning mode, for 75 people who are interested in gaining this knowledge. The duration of the courses is 490 hours that include theoretical and practical work; in addition to transversal modules aimed at employability, that is, to face the labor market, job search, interviews and stay in jobs.

  • The courses are expected to start in August and the application process is in July. The requirements to apply are:
  • Lack of work or work experience;
  • From the age of 18;
  • Not having a professional degree (university or technical);
  • Not currently participating in SENCE Training Programs;
  • Up to 60% of the Social Registry of Homes (RSH).


To apply, you must send an email with name, age, community of residence, contact telephone number. Subsequently, a selection interview will be held.

The courses include transportation subsidy per day attended (including e-learning modality)