SMEs toward digital transformation

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In order to become more competitive, efficient, and prepared for the times, digital transformation has become an unquestionable premise for companies in general. Whether by the necessity of business growth or forced by contingency, companies see modernization as a path to follow.

SMEs are not marginalized from the advances in technologies, but this type of company often does not embrace the benefits of modernity regularly because of prejudice, ignorance, or because they believe that innovations are more dedicated to large corporations. 

Small and medium-sized companies can enjoy the virtues of technology, improve their growth parameters, optimize processes, and digitize information to centralize, monitor, and make productivity reports and any activity they perform to have business success.


What is not digital transformation? Removing prejudices

Due to lack of knowledge, one might think that digital transformation means having a presence on social networks or having a website bookmarked in Google. 

People have become digitized; we all have a phone connected to the internet in our pockets, not only to make calls or visit sites of interest on the web; our procedures are done digitally using the cell phone or computer, our consumption habits have changed, there is no longer the need to buy in the supermarket in person. 

Companies, both SMEs and corporations, industries, health centers, and even government institutions must catch up with users to endure, compete, be more practical, more functional, more prepared, and trained to be compatible with this technological modernity in which we find ourselves every day.


What is Digital Transformation?

It uses new technology that will improve productivity, make processes efficient, improve the quality of work activities to benefit both the employee and the employer, and offer quality services to customers.

To achieve the much-prized business success, everyone in the organization has to keep updated on what it means to be in the digital transformation process since it is not only the management that has to learn and implement the transforming actions but also the workers. 

The way of consumption has undergone substantial changes regarding the participation of customers, being these increasingly demanding and active actors when acquiring products and giving feedback regarding the quality of services/goods purchased. This opens a great opportunity, very profitable for both SMEs and large companies to get and retain customers who will expose the overall perception of the business.


SMEs transforming into the digital world

SMEs are in time to take the right steps to go to the business models of the times, as technologies are becoming increasingly accessible, taking the best advantage of all these innovations to achieve business success. Thus, there are ideal opportunities for modernization and technologization, considering the digitization of data and business reports, automated management of documents, and having the website, digital marketing, social networks, customer service, chatbots, and back-office digitized logistics, automatic notifications, emails, and so on. 

The genesis for the digitization of companies is to change from paper to digital support, so the technology will begin to use these new media that will facilitate the action and work performance through the use of new management systems and automation. 


Rocketbot digitizing SMEs

Any company strives to have a good presence in digital environments; geographic barriers have been overcome, and the Internet has to shorten the distance between companies and their public. Purchases from suppliers can be automated, online sales have become one of the leading business actions, the relationship with customers has been digitized, and many of the demands that SMEs and companies in general have, are solved from chatbots or calls with virtual assistants. 

Many large companies' great differentiators of quality and modernity are now accessible to small and medium enterprises. 

Rockerbot can help SMEs to open their way to digitalization. We have teams of experts to analyze the automation potential of companies. With us, you can streamline and improve industrial, business, and administrative processes, document validation, online payments, customer service, and more. 


Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting or phone call with us so we can answer your questions about automation. Your company's digital transformation is within reach, with effortless to use software, very intuitive, and many valuable and practical features to implement in your SME. 

Schedule a meeting with us, and we will help you take off towards your company's digital transformation. 


How is an SME (and any company) favored when Transforming digitally?

Global presence

Entering the digital world of the Internet opens the possibility of reaching the most remote corners of the world or you can find potential customers where we did not know we had, which is why the great network has brought companies closer to their customers.

Thanks to the Internet, space is no longer an impediment to achieving the desired business objectives. You can establish business relationships with customers, suppliers, and consultants, find new talent to incorporate into their workforce, remote train their workers, etc. 

Keeping an eye on the information

Everything you do on the Internet leaves a trace or record; this is a practical tool for knowing your customers and providing excellent service to gain their loyalty. Learning more about customers, you can mark presence in the mails to publicize new products, advertising focused on the tastes and preferences. Undoubtedly, you will have valuable information to position your brand.

Strengthen your brand

Having your company on the Internet means that you will make available to your customers everything that may be relevant when choosing your products or services. They will be able to read comments from other people, reviews, opinions, descriptions, tutorials, videos, and advertisements; all of this will generate a reputation as a company; if this is positive, more customers may appear on the way; do not lose them! 

Along with the above, it will be possible to solve doubts about the products and solve complaints, all this being exposed -on the Internet-making customers feel that they are heard and concerned for them. 

Efficiency, agility, productivity

When the company is digitized, its processes are executed more quickly; this limits waiting and response times, making its staff more efficient and reducing the costs associated with these processes.


Collaborative work

A company transformed into the digital world makes communication between workers more immediate since there will be access to virtual meetings, shared documents can be used, and new project proposals can be read or studied without being in person.


Pymes & Rocketbot

Today, small and medium-sized companies can count on Rocketbot to become competitive, productive, better known, and successful since it offers robotic process automation, which will be able to manage and solve several situations to meet the demanding demands of the market. 

The powerful tools that Rocketbot has can provide relief when it comes to filing management, preparation and sending of reports, database analysis, information extraction, interaction with portals or platforms, text message notifications, chatbots, among many other applications.

You can start using our automation tools and building and activating bots right away, free of charge and easy to run.


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