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Having the most modern up-to-date equipment on the market is no longer crucial. Nowadays it is possible to automate your company's processes on the cloud. RPA is now present in virtual environments, no need for your own servers. The era of digitalization is from virtuality.


Robotic automation of processes is more accessible and easier to use, since sophisticated equipment is no longer required, just having an Internet connection on any device is enough to run the software robots to manage, organize, extract information, monitor and manage the automation work.   


All automation functions will be accessible through the Internet browser. Your staff will be able to perform very intuitive actions (drag & drop) to automate without complications. 


In short...

...What is the cloud?


The cloud is a virtual environment, which can be accessed with an Internet connection. It consists of servers that are located around the world and with which you can interact to run software or have databases. It is no longer necessary to run software on your own computer, now it can be done remotely.


...What is RPA?


It stands for Robotic Process Automation; it is technology; software to automate agile and simple instances or processes that in general are repetitive, structured and high in volume. They enable companies to free their employees from tedious tasks of little human value, which are important in administrative, legal and commercial matters.


What is RPA? Here an explanation.

What does the cloud offer to RPA?

RPA offers the versatility of performing multiple processes automation, you will have a crew of software robots running to provide solutions in the different departments of the company. Scalability is a reality, if you start with a few robots to solve certain situations, you will easily be able to increase the number of robots and processes.


RPA in the cloud

It is perhaps not easy to understand what the business scope of RPA in the cloud looks like. Broadly speaking, automation robots can be activated to work from and directly in virtual environments, therefore, no "physical" technological installations will be required in your company, since servers and clouds are spread around the world, available to make use of this interesting technology, without incurring large IT infrastructure expenses.


How does RPA work in the cloud?

Everything is done from web environments, i.e., your company will not need to download software, make installations, it is only enough to have internet services, that is where the software robots will work to achieve their business objectives. 


Is the cloud safe for RPA work?

Obviously you have to take special care with security in all aspects, whether in your own physical environment or in the cloud; but today it is possible to trust the cloud because it offers data protection and special care for business privacy. 

Cloud services are permanently monitored to avoid attacks and to safeguard everything you do in these virtual environments, so you can be confident that there will be no leaks. Bots are also examined to check that they are working properly.

When working from the cloud, security is a priority, there is a strict care for the information and compliance with international privacy laws. The information record is encrypted and stored in remote locations; you will not have problems if you lose a computer from your company: the backups will be in the cloud.


Activate RPA in the cloud

You can start using RPA now. RPA interfaces, either from physical environments or the cloud, are very intuitive, with pre-designed commands for quick activation of software robots, any user will be able to automate from web environments. It is easier to automate through the cloud because you do not need to have machines for this purpose, and you can reduce technology costs.

Workers, process experts and IT can look together at the needs of the company and find solutions through automation from the cloud.


Benefits of RPA in the cloud

As we said earlier, one of the best benefits of automation in the cloud is the reduction of implementation costs. But not only that, it is also the speed and ease of configuration; we can do without infrastructure. RPA is simplified by running in the cloud, it is not even necessary to update the equipment that your company already owns, you just need to know clearly which processes to automate and configure the step-by-step actions of the bots.


RPA in the cloud is undoubtedly an interesting business tool that will bring all the benefits of automation, but without incurring large expenses in technological infrastructure. User-friendly and easy-to-use programming will make your company experience the necessary changes to advance along the path of Digital Transformation, solving and streamlining processes, favoring the work with your employees, but also with your customers and complying with all legal regulations, always taking care of the security and privacy of their information. 


We will continue in part two going deeper into the subject of RPA in the cloud.

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