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Automate your business processes with our RPA software. Use Rocketbot, free your team from repetitive work and get your staff to do more value-added tasks.

So, what is robotic process automation or RPA?

RPA for its acronym: Robotic Process Automation, is a type of software technology that automates digital tasks, i.e., works with files and data that may be stored on a computer, in the cloud or on the internet.

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$60 billion

investment in the RPA market




Automated processes

Rocketbot is the only RPA platform that democratizes and accelerates the digital transformation of your business, optimizes ROI for customers, with affordable desktop licenses and extending to Server Licenses, to allow the execution of parallel processes without paying extra.

In addition, Rockebot is developed in Python and allows greater ease and flexibility when choosing an RPA platform for building digital robots.

Why choose Rocketbot as your RPA platform?


We also focus on turning it into an agile tool, therefore we focus on allowing the execution of processes in parallel. Currently we have managed, for example, to be able to execute up to 10 different processes, in the same environment, at the same time.


We create a tool that allows us to be flexible and compatible with all the environments that our users may have, be it a small, medium or large company, in on-premises environments or in the cloud.


We seek that all people, within a company, can build robots by themselves. We have clients where more than 100 business analysts build their own robots every day.

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