Rocketbot Certifications

Become a Rocketbot Certified Professional

Prove your expertise with an industry-leading RPA certification

At Rocketbot we offer training as a Bot Builder Expert. This certificate endorses the basic understanding of Rocketbot RPA concepts and the ability to apply it, and thus achieve the construction of robots for process automation.

Get certified in 3 simple steps

Sign up and learn

Enroll in the Level 1 course. You can download the software from our download area and request the license, filling out the form data (the license will be sent to your email). You can see how to install the software and activate your license here. And you can also consult our manuals.

Send us your robot

Once you have finished the course, send us your robot, with these specifications and applying good practices. You must also send us your course diploma. We will evaluate if you meet all the requirements and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Correction and delivery of certificate

If the robot is approved, you will receive your certification as Rocketbot Expert (accessible via the web) and a link to your Badge to be able to share it via the web. If corrections need to be made, we’ll tell you what they are and you can resubmit (you have up to three attempts).

Get certified and take off with Rocketbot

Become a Rocketbot RPA expert and work with the big companies that are making a difference.