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Rocketbot is an RPA platform that works on Mac, Linux, and Windows

Rocketbot’s use of Python makes it a flexible, agile, and scalable platform.

Rocketbot is the only RPA platform that enables widespread use and accelerates your company’s digital transformation.

Customers’ ROI can be maximized thanks to the low cost of desktop licenses and the availability of server licenses that allow for the execution of multiple processes in parallel without incurring additional costs.

Rocketbot helps companies on their on their path toward digital transformation.

Many businesses reject the idea of implementing RPA because of the high cost of licenses, the necessary infrastructure requirements, and a lack of qualified personnel.

Rocketbot was the first RPA platform focused on mass usage and accelerating company digital transformation, as well as optimizing customer ROI, with low-cost desktop licenses and extending to Server Licenses, to allow the execution of parallel processes without paying extra.

Rocketbot makes it possible to build and run robots up to 30% faster than other RPA platforms.

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What is robotic process automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software technology that allows for the automation of digital tasks by working with files and data stored on a computer, in the cloud, or on the internet.

Automation through robots can perfectly mimic the behavior of a human worker in repetitive and tedious tasks such as transferring information from emails to excel spreadsheets, copying phone numbers, and scanning images or documents. These jobs demand precise eyes and hands to avoid errors in the digitization, not to mention lengthy hours of arduous human labor, which is why automation through RPA allows people to be liberated from these tasks so they can undertake functions that a robot cannot accomplish.

What makes Rocketbot unique?



It is an efficient platform that permits parallel process execution. Currently, up to ten different processes can run concurrently in the same environment.



It is a versatile platform that is compatible with any environments customers may have, whether in small, medium, or large businesses, on-premises or in the cloud.



Rocketbot wants everyone in a company to be able to build robots. Every day, more than 100 business analysts among our clients build their own robots.

Rocketbot at Gartner

Rocketbot’s RPA platform was included as leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, , receiving 5-star ratings from clients and 4.5 stars from Gartner analysts, and was classified as a “strong performer.”

Rocketbot in G2

Leaders in RPA. Rocketbot is in the top 5 RPA platforms, rated 4.5 stars by partners and end customers from various industries.

Rocketbot History

Rocketbot began before 2018, when David Cuello and Rafael Fuentes met to work on Google-commissioned robotization projects for banks and insurance companies. Then, robots were built entirely with code, which meant that each programmed robot contained the logic of each programmer. Faced with this situation, this team of two embarked on a mission to improve support and stability in order to structure a stronger and more accurate platform, which led to standardization through packaged codes; which today Rocketbot refers to as modules or connectors.

Rocketbot was presented as one of the most open and inclusive platforms available in the field of process automation at the time (and still today).

At that time and now, programmers had access to powerful free tools for building and running bots. This allowed them to test and develop technologies that could make business processes more efficient in the pursuit of digital transformation, not just at the managerial level, but also so that individuals could automate repetitive work to focus on more complex tasks.

Creating an easy-to-use platform that did not require a programmer to put automation robots into action was critical to massifying and taking Rocketbot’s RPA to the next level in the world.

Rocketbot approached modernity and established itself as one of the safest and most accessible systems for the digitalization of businesses, corporations, and the entire world, and is now comparable to the greatest innovators in automation technology.

Rocketbot is now present in much of Latin America, the United States, and Europe, and its employees come from all over the world, where new ways of doing business became a must for achieving reach and continuing its expansion.

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