We are Rocketbot

We are an RPA platform compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac

Our programming language is Python, this makes us a flexible, agile and scalable tool.

Rocketbot is the only RPA platform that democratizes and accelerates the digital transformation of your business

As well as optimizing the ROI of the clients, with accessible desktop licenses and expanding to Server Licenses, to allow the execution of parallel processes without paying extras.

We drive companies on their journey towards digital transformation

Given the possibility of implementing RPA, many companies tend to reject the idea due to the high cost of licenses, the necessary infrastructure requirements, and the lack of trained personnel.

With the idea of ​​changing this paradigm, Rocketbot became the first RPA platform focused on democratizing and accelerating the digital transformation of companies, as well as optimizing the ROI of customers, with low-cost desktop licenses and expanding to Server Licenses. , to allow the execution of parallel processes without paying extras.

With Rocketbot it is possible to build and run a robot up to 30% faster than with other RPA platforms.

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What is robotic process automation?

Robotic Process Automation and is a type of software technology that allows you to automate digital tasks, that is, it works with files and data that may be stored on a computer, or in the cloud or on the Internet.

Automation through robots allows the behavior of a human worker to be perfectly imitated, but in functions that are repetitive and tedious, such as transferring information from email to excel spreadsheets, copying phone numbers, scanning photos or documents. These tasks require precise eyes and hands so as not to err in digitization, not to mention the long hours of strenuous human work, which is why automation through RPA allows people to be freed from these tasks to let them perform functions that a robot couldn’t do.

What makes us different?



We also focused on turning it into an agile tool, therefore we focused on allowing the execution of processes in parallel. Currently we have managed, for example, to be able to execute up to 10 different processes, in the same environment, at the same time.



We created a tool that allows it to be flexible and compatible with all the environments that our users may have, whether it is a small, medium, or large company, in on-premise environments or in the cloud.



We seek that all people, within a company, can build robots for themselves. We have clients where more than 100 business analysts build their own robots every day.

Rocketbot at Gartner

Gartner has recognized Rocketbot as a Magic Quadrant Leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space.

We have 4.5 stars and become part of the “strong performer” category

Rocketbot in G2

We are RPA leaders

We are in the top 5 of RPA tools with an average of 4.5 stars, awarded by partners and end customers from various fields

Our history

The genesis of Rocketbot dates back to times before 2018, when David Cuello and Rafael Fuentes met to carry out robotization projects for banks and insurance companies, commissioned by Google. The robots that were built at that time were developed 100% with code, this generated that each programmed robot had the logic of each programmer, in this situation this team of two began the mission of improving support and stability in order to structure a tool more robust and accurate, which led to standardization through packaged codes; that today Rocketbot calls modules or connectors.

Rocketbot was raised as one of the most open and democratic tools compared to the current systems in force until then (and still today), in the field of process automation.

At that time and today, programmers can access powerful free tools for the creation and activation of bots, giving them the opportunity to test and develop technologies that could make company processes more efficient in pursuit of digital transformation, and not only at a of the directive, but also people could automate and free themselves from repetitive work to dedicate themselves to more complex tasks.

Creating an easy-to-use tool where a programmer was not needed to put automation robots into action was key to massifying and taking Rocketbot RPA to the next step in the world.

Rocketbot brought modernity closer and established itself as one of the safe and accessible systems for the digitization of companies, corporations and the world, today being compared with the great exponents of technological innovation in the field of automation.

Rocketbot today is present in a large part of Latin America, the US and Europe, its workers belong to different latitudes of the planet, where new ways of doing business have become a premise to achieve reach and continue its expansion.

Make your way to automation

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