Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Software robots can automate any process that is well-defined, stable, and standardized.

What is RPA or robotic process automation?

RPA is the automation of processes through software BOTs.

Why choose RPA?

Robotic Process Automation allows the creation of “software robots,” also known as bots, which mimic human behavior in a computer or digital device by carrying out systematized actions based on the processes of a company, business, institution, or project.

Bots are designed to undertake monotonous and repetitive tasks, allowing humans to focus on more valuable company-related tasks. These process robots can be active 24/7/365, nonstop, error-free, highly efficient, and capable of processing vast amounts of data.

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    Why use RPA?

    1. Agile and reliable

    Fast and error-free execution

    2. Add-value workers

    Have your employees perform value-added tasks that a robot could not.

    3. Reporting

    Bots can search and gather operational details for reporting, notification or alert purposes.

    4. Increased productivity

    Add capacity thru a digital workforce without incurring on additional cost.

    5. Rapid scalability

    Either start small or at a large scale regardless of how many times a process bot is executed.

    6. Provide excellent service to your customers

    Bots can solve a variety of customer request such as process payments, provide answers, and process requests or claims 24x7x365.

    7. Easy Bot Configuration

    No need to be a computer coding expert, just Drag & drop on the intuitive and friendly user interface.

    8. No hardware investment required

    You can leverage your current company equipment or Cloud platforms.

    RPA works to meet high standards

    Automation through robots can exactly imitate the behavior of a human worker, but only for repetitive and monotonous tasks, such as transcribing phone digits or scanning images and documents. These jobs demand precise eyes and hands to avoid errors in the digitization, not to mention lengthy hours of arduous human labor, which is why automation through RPA allows people to be liberated from these tasks so they can undertake duties that a robot cannot accomplish.

    Bots adapt to well-structured processes, therefore a modification in business behavior is not required. You can add additional value to the Bot process later.

    You do not need great knowledge in programming to configure and activate RPA robots, it is enough to be a basic computer user. The RPA programming software, commonly known as Studio, is very intuitive and uses the “drag and drop” features to configure the instructions the Bot will perform.

    Why implement RPA in my company?

    1. Multiple benefits
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    The advantages of automation are visible in a short period of time, which the commercial sector will definitely view as a beneficial development. Benefits such as cost reduction, process dependability, security and registration of executed operations, speed in operations, such as sending responses to client requests and fast delivery of reports, can begin in one area or department and subsequently be applied to all corporate activities. With RPA, you can rely on customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing a consistent experience that your consumers will love. It will provide additional value for your human employees by assigning them tasks that a robot cannot execute; this will promote the progress of your workforce.
    2. Increased productivity
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    Through robotic process automation, the current organizations' capacity dynamis changes. Therefore, multiple requests can be attended to efficiently and in parallel, such as responding to a greater number of customer calls per period in a call center and immediately responding to requests, among many others.
    3. Zero % error
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    Errors in manual document processing, scanning, and reading are eliminated upon RPA robot implementation. This advantage is increasing the global reliance on RPA technologies. Banking, insurance, financial services, logistics, and e-commerce, among others, are among the industries that have already realized the benefits of robotic process automation. As a result, payments, collections, budget control, and other enterprise-level transactions are processed and analyzed rapidly so that bots can send timely internal or external notifications.
    4. Savings and faster ROI
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    Remove repetitive and tedious tasks from your employees, recovering time for processes of greater value to the company, increasing productivity, reducing errors and generating a quick ROI.
    5. Efficiency in customer service
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    The world is relying on process automation technologies, especially in industries that handle massive volumes of information and where accuracy becomes a primary need, such as banking, insurance, finance, and logistics, among others. By implementing RPA robots in your business, scanning or reading errors are reduced to zero. Payments, collections, budgets, and other actions are then promptly assessed and processed to deliver prompt responses both internally and externally.
    6. Scalability
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    What if you could respond quickly to market forces by satisfying higher and lower demand peaks or higher client call volumes by simply activating bots? Scale your business by department or cross-departamental processes. You decide how to evolve. Just do it, keeping ROI and scalability in mind.

    Which companies use RPA in their processes?

    RPA immediately frees up workers’ time spent on computers. Organizations in the verticals of Financial Services, Public Sector, Insurance, Retail, ecommerce, Insurance, Energy, and Healthcare are implementing RPA. Automations, on the other hand, are applicable across all industries’ operations, information technology, human resources, customer service, budgeting, and finance departments.

    Any established and repetitive process is a candidate for automating it with RPA technology. Other candidates to consider are related to processes handling large volumes of data such as 24×7 IT monitoring services, documents and images scanning and processing, as well as systems synchronization when no other option is available.

    The following are some of the processes that RPA can automate in a business, but this is not an exhaustive list, as automation can be tailored to your specific requirements.

    Insurance Industry

    • Time-saving when processing applications, renewals, and billing.
    • Significant improvements in customer service.
    • Automated receivables collection.
    • Accurate calculations
    • Accurate payment to suppliers
    • Commissions reconciliation.
    • 100% on time policy payments.
    • 24x7x365 Agents, Clients and Carriers servicing.
    • Automatic insurance portfolio reconciliation.

    Financial Services

    • Create history profiles.
    • Deliver bank statements automatically by multiple channels.
    • Improve the customer experience
    • Comply with Court orders related to funds withholding.
    • Reduce non-compliance fines.
    • 100% automated Cashier/Teller reconciliations
    • Zero error rate processes.
    • Reduce repetitive tasks processing time.

    Retail and E-commerce

    • Loyalty rewards automatic assignment
    • Work and deliver 24x7x365 Service
    • Zero errors processing
    • Increased customer satisfaction by providing timely and prompt responses.
    • Automated quality claim processing
    • Real-time information updates
    • Automated reports
    • Automatic price and stock update
    • Mass loading of stocks


    • Automated workers’ timecard processing.
    • Reduction in repetitive task processing time.
    • Accurate calculations
    • Configurable automatic notifications.
    • Cost reduction.
    • Improvement of customer satisfaction.
    • Insurance coverage verification.
    • Phone call log monitoring and actionable notifications.
    • Automation of account statements.


    • Automated forms review
    • Time-savings in logistic processes.
    • Work and deliver 24x7x365 service
    • Automated manifest uploading
    • Avoids human error
    • Automation enables faster and more reliable import tracking
    • Minimize fines due to undetected changes
    • Automatic approval of withdrawal requests
    • Increased productivity
    • Self-management of cargo tracking
    • Timely and efficient service 24/7

    Automation isn't just automation.

    In order for your business to realize the full potential of automation technology, you must implement an RPA platform that helps you create new automations that interact with one another and support the digital transformation of your company. You will find new ways to improve data management and transaction processing, using bots to get fast results.

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    RPA, the technology that boosts business efficiency


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    Minimum initial investment


    Interacts with pre-existing systems


    Scalable and enterprise-ready

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