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Data review web forms vs physical supports

Manual data verification process in import and export documents to detect inconsistencies. First the export and import documents are verified vs what was transcribed in the Goods Movement form of the web application of the operating entity. Depending on the data recorded, the form is approved or rejected. Finally the status in the system is changed.

Manifest upload

Manual transcription process of the data of the physical guides to upload the information on goods from the different airlines in the MUISCA systems and in the web application of the airport operator entity. In the process, the information from the physical guides received is transcribed into the Excel macro of the DIANPrevalidator, and an XML file is generated. This file is uploaded in MUISCA to report the merchandise manifest. The XML is then uploaded to the operator’s web application to later be invoiced through the accounting system when the flight is closed.

Import tracking

The Import Traceability process consists of reading an input Excel file with the information of the purchases made from the different suppliers and their respective import data. These data must be verified against the pages of the shipping companies, intermediaries and ports to ensure the integrity of the cargo and that the data has not changed.

Withdrawal request approval

This process consists of the validation and approval of requests for Withdrawal Orders which are filed by clients on the port portal. In these applications, the validation and approval of the withdrawals that are subject to customs control such as the Container and Loose Cargo Withdrawal Orders must be carried out. For the validation, the documents are reviewed and their data is compared against that registered in the DIAN and in the port portal to know if the customs information is duly authorized and if so, the withdrawal order is approved.

Self-management of import tracking

This process consists of providing clients who contract the import and export service with a mechanism through which they are aware of the status of their cargo in transit. In this process, the status of the cargo must be consulted both in the pages of the shipping companies and in the airlines to report to the client the status of the merchandise and notify in a timely manner in case of any eventuality.

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