Rocketbot Experience

Improve the Xperience of your customers with Rocketbot Xperience.

With Rocketbot Xperience you can create dynamic forms to capture and send information to your customer service robots. Our platform allows you to create the ideal logic necessary for each of the needs that arise.


Our forms can be created quickly and intuitively without knowing programming.


Save time and reduce errors. Xperience allows you to improve customer service times.


Reduce the use of paper forms to help protect the environment.


Improve your customer satisfaction in terms of response time and form.

Create amazing logical forms, the simple way

Our technology allows any member of the company to be able to design and create a form for better execution of processes that are already automated or that we plan to automate.
You can create different logics that allow generating a better workflow, when executing a robot, making it easier for the robot to receive various variables for its correct execution. In this way, independent flows can be run successfully.

Perform analysis and generate reports easily

Xperience lets you see the transactions that are generated and the information that you enter, in each of the forms, allowing the workflows and the tasks that the robots are carrying out, in real time.
All the processed information will be available on our dashboard and data viewer.

Empower your external customer

Deliver a custom form to your clients to work for you.
By joining forms with customer service robots, it allows you to manage response times and workflow management, achieving a first-rate customer experience and thus receiving quick responses to your requests.

Make your way to automation

If you have questions, require personalized advice or want to see a demonstration of our products, talk to an expert and find out how you can get started in digital transformation