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In the insurance industry, a revolution is underway. Rocketbot has solutions that are tailored to your industry.

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Success cases: Insurance Industry

Confirmation of premium payments

An international insurer receives proof of premium payments by email from its agents and policyholders at various times and in various formats. The time difference slowed customer responses.

Insurers that implemented Rocketbot in their premium and payment verification processes reduced response time while using fewer resources and providing greater client security.

This process increased speed and productivity by being automated with Rocketbot robots, allowing SLAs to be met efficiently.

Portfolio collection

The portfolio collection process is a manual operation consisting of sequential and repeating phases, such as portfolio reconciliation, delinquency computation, pre-judicial and legal collections, as well as an infinite number of time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Companies that have implemented Rocketbot have noticed that automated processes produce greater precision in calculations, management, and information. As a result, collaborators have been able to add value to the organization.

Supplier payment

Whenever the traditional insurance industry needs to make a vendor payment, it does so manually through a series of sequential and repetitive steps.

The analyst launches the local application (Client Server) and downloads a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. There, he presents the authorized services to be managed by the providers in a consolidated manner.

Insurance companies using Rocketbot today can automate the generation of payment reports and shorten the time it takes to process payments to vendors.

Employees benefit from being able to devote their time to tasks that add more value to the company.

Insurance policy issuance

Policy issuance is the core process of all insurance companies and, due to its complexity, requires a significant amount of human and technological resources.

The process requires the reception, classification and review of large amounts of information that arrive in various formats and structures.

Today, businesses using Rocketbot in the insurance industry report a 100% increase in productivity. Moreover, they have been able to operate 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing insurers to set much more ambitious SLAs and integrate digital and offline processes.

Automatic reconciliation of insurance portfolio

An insurance broker, with an important and very active operation in the automotive sector, invests a great amount of time and resources in reconciling and keeping its corporate client system (CRM) updated.

The process includes downloading reports from the firm’s CRM system, as well as the account statements provided by the insurer every 10 days.

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